We are Nova Scotia’s Experts in Heat Pump Cleaning

We’ve cleaned over 10,000 heat pumps in Nova Scotia and essentially wrote the book on mini-split heat pump cleaning. As a proud family-owned Nova Scotian company, Breathe Clean services heat pumps using our proprietary, eco-friendly cleaning technologies.

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Service Overview

Mini Split Heat Pump Cleaning

Our Breathe Clean technicians will service both the indoor (head) unit and the
outdoor (compressor) unit on your heat pump.

Indoor Unit
  • Remove, clean, and sanitize filters
  • Remove inside head cover and clean to access internal parts
  • Flush, disinfect, and coat evaporator coils with mold inhibitor
  • Clean and disinfect condensate pan and drain
  • Check and clean barrel fan
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Outdoor Unit
  • Apply cleaning solution to fins and coil
  • Reverse flush fins and coil

At Breathe Clean all clients pay the same rate, no matter the make, model, or how long the heat pump cleaning takes, no specials or sales gimmicks.

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Why Clean a Mini Split Heat Pump?

Several Reasons!
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The Breathe Clean Process

We work tirelessly to provide a wonderful start-to-finish
client experience.
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Our Promise: If we take the cover off of a machine and you, the customer, feel it does not require cleaning, we will replace the cover and leave – no charge.

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