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Many people ask " Why should we have our heat pump cleaned, we clean the filters ourselves ? "

Have you read the fine print in your warranty ? It generally reads like this:

" The warranty does not cover problems caused by dirty air filters, air flow obstruction in the indoor and outdoor unit section of the product. Leaves ,dirt or foreign objects blocking vents and coils, blocked condensate drains causing water to leak from the product. Regular checks for clearance of obstructions or foreign matter are the owners responsibility."

This is much more than a filter clean !

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North America's First Dedicated Ductless Mini Split

Heat Pump Cleaning Company

Breathe Clean is the first company in North America solely dedicated to the cleaning and sanitizing of Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps. Like many new products the primary focus when entering the market is sales and installation. Mini Splits are no different and their comfort and energy saving qualities are impressive. Mini Splits were first widely available in Asia,Europe, New Zealand and Australia. An instant success, contractors successfully installed thousands of units. During this time of energy efficient building a new phenomenon, Sick Building Syndrome, came to public attention. Builder's and medical professional's started to recognize increases in asthma, allergies and other medical conditions related to indoor air quality. Both residential and commercial buildings were affected. The problem was related to the recycling of indoor air through heating and ventilation systems

Our Story

Mini Split Heat Pumps heat and cool recycled air. This air can be contaminated with microbia like mold and fungus as well as dust and other environmental irritants. During operation Mini Splits condensate moisture. The presence of this moisture behind the cover in a warm, dark environment creates the perfect condition for the growth of mold and fungi. These microbials, which grow in the coils and condensation tray, are then blown into the indoor envelope. Many mini split filters do not adequately remove these fine microbials. Even when they do they do not stop the growth of mold and fungus. These environmental irritants can not be properly cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth or vacuuming. They are found deep in the coils where a cloth can't reach and vacuuming is ineffective in removing these sticky deposits. Condensate trays, drains and blower fans are breeding grounds were water can collect and bacterial growth can occur. Home owners can not reach these areas to clean effectively.

An Idea Is Born

We identified the problem then we created the solution. Breathe Clean is a professional cleaning system that addresses the problem of dirty, inefficient Mini Split Heat Pumps. Proprietary techniques using environmentally friendly cleaners and sanitizers ensure that your heat pump will provide years of efficient and safe service. Using specialized pressurized cleaning equipment we will remove the covers of your Mini Split and thoroughly clean the coils, blower fan, condensate tray , drain and covers. We will then treat the system with an anti microbial. 

Have You Read Your Warranty?

Read this excerpt of LG Limited Warranty Coverage Exclusions

" ... if the System is misused,

neglected, or the Customer fails to operate the System as specified by the manufacturer’s instructions, or to properly perform all recommended preventive and routine maintenance as defined in LG published documents. Routine maintenance includes procedures such as cleaning the condensate drain system, evaporator, and condenser coils, and cleaning and / or replacing of air filters or belts."

Protect Your Warranty Rights




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