How Often Should You Clean Your Heat Pump

Heat pump maintenance is crucial to keeping your heating costs low, and your indoor comfort optimal year round. So, how often are you supposed to booking a cleaning? Keep reading for more information!

What happens if you don’t clean your heat pump filter?

Cleaning your heat pump air filters is one of the most important maintenance tasks needed to maintain optimal performance and a healthy indoor air quality. Without frequent filter changes and cleanings, here is a closer look at what can happen to your dual heating and cooling system:

Ultimately, routine heat pump service is essential for maintaining energy efficiency ratings, reducing monthly energy costs, and ensuring a healthy indoor air quality for you and your loved ones.

What is routine maintenance for a heat pump?

As we mentioned earlier, proper maintenance on your heating and cooling systems is a must, and that includes your home’s heat pump. Here is what you need to be doing in terms of heat pump cleaning properly maintain your equipment:

Regular maintenance appointment with a technician

Book a yearly maintenance appointment with a qualified technician. Because your heat pump operates year round, you’ll want to schedule a cleaning twice a year in the spring and fall.

Replace or clean your heat pump air filters

Have your heat pump filter changed or cleaned once every 1 to 3 months. Clean heat pump filters will keep your system operating correctly and improve your indoor air quality.

Use a vacuum cleaner and hose attachment

Using a vacuum cleaner, clean the area around your indoor unit to remove any dust, dirt, and other debris that may collect throughout the week.

In terms of the outdoor unit, remove any plant growth, dirt, dust, and other debris that could obstruct air flow.

Clean air ducts(Ducted systems only)

If you have a Ducted heat pump, you will need to book a duct system cleaning appointment every 2 to three years. Like the filters in your heat pump, the ducts can collect debris that needs to be cleaned. Ductless heat pumps do not need this service.

Can I clean a heat pump myself?

No, we don’t recommend that homeowners attempt to clean their heat pump components by themselves. Heat pumps are highly complex pieces of equipment that spans across an indoor unit and and outdoor unit.

Any mishandling of this equipment can not only damage your heat pump, but it can also lead to increased energy consumption, shorten your heat pump’s lifespan, and lead to an uncomfortable indoor environment. Further, professional cleaning companies like Breathe Clean have the proper tools, skills, and knowledge needed to provide a more thorough cleaning to your heat pump.

That being said, you are able to do some cleaning to your heat up like dusting and vacuuming around the indoor unit, cleaning off the front panel of dust, and ensuring that there is nothing like furniture blocking air flow indoors. In contrast, you can regularly weed, wash the area around the unit with a garden hose, cut tall grass, and use a damp cloth on the front cover to remove dirt and other build up when cleaning your heat pumps outdoor unit to ensure proper air flow as well.

Beyond this, homeowners should leave the rest to professionals.

How can I clean my heat pump filters?

If you have previously cleaned or replaced the air filters in your home’s heat pump, or feel confident that you can perform this maintenance task on your home, here is a step by step guide on how you can go about doing so:

1. Shut off power to the heat pump.

Locate the off switch and turn off the heat pump to ensure your safety.

3. Take off the front panel

Remove the front panel on the indoor unit and locate the air filter.

4. Clean off debris and dust with a vacuum cleaner

Gently vacuum or brush away any accumulated dust and debris from the filters once you have removed it.

5. Wash the air filter

Rinse the filters under lukewarm water to remove stubborn dirt build up. You can use a soap or a solution of water and vinegar to clean the filters more thoroughly if the filter is really clogged. Then, rinse the filters again to remove any remaining soap and debris.

6. Let the air filters dry

Before putting the filter back into your unit, let the filters air dry completely.

7. Reinstall the air filter into you indoor unit (air handler unit)

Once the fitler dry, reinsert it back into th heat pump and secure the panel back in place.

8. Turn your heat pump back on

Lastly, you can go ahead and turn the heat pump back on for your heating and cooling needs.

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