Many companies provide to their customer’s maintenance packages. Generally, they list a number of check or test services which they will provide on a yearly basis. Todays minisplits will provide error codes which will tell you when there is a fault in your system that requires a technician’s attention.

The most important item that you should look for in any maintenance package you purchase is a complete coil cleaning. If this is not included yearly than the most basic and important service item is not being provided. In fact most major manufactures recommend a yearly coil cleaning to maintain warranty rights. The reality is that the number one cause of premature breakdown is overheating of components caused by a dirty coil. Whether in heating or cooling mode it is the coil that heats or cools the air passing over it. When you set the thermostat to your desired temperature your heat pump will respond to your request. Unfortunately in a dirty machine, it does this by running faster at higher temperatures for longer periods of time. This makes your heat pump less efficient, creates maintenance issues and reduces the overall comfort of your home. We have cleaned heat pumps that are showing error codes which indicate that the compressor fan is running over the factory set limits. It is running to fast because it is attempting to meet the temperature request. After a deep clean when we turn the system back on the error code is gone.

In our blog titled, Research Proves The Benefits of Coil Cleaning, we sight scientific research regarding efficiency gains resulting from yearly coil cleaning by a number of sources. BC Power commissioned an independent report which found that .25 mm of dust and dirt on the tiny fins in the coil can reduce efficiency by 20%. To help you better visualize this .25mm is equal to the thickness of two pieces of computer paper! In case you don’t know what the coil is, it is the surface of tiny aluminum fins you see when you remove your filters. The space between each one of these fins is 1 mm. So if each fin has .25mm of dust and dirt on its surfaces than the space between each fin is reduced by .50mm. This means that the coil is 50% blocked!

One final thing to remember. If your maintenace package doesn’t include a deep cleaning with the covers removed then the mold accumulation in your heat pump will continue to pose a risk of unhealthy air quality for your family.

Breathe Clean service is the best investment you can make to ensure efficient and longer performance life for your expensive investment.

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