Tens of thousands of Nova Scotians have installed ductless heat pump systems in their homes. You’re probably one of them, or at least thinking about becoming one, if you’re reading this.

The benefits are BIG with a mini split heat pump. They provide savings on our often astronomical heating bills each winter and cool, crisp air conditioning during our humid summer months.

Did you know there is an underbelly to these miracle machines?

They get dirty.

In many cases so dirty the efficiency of the machine drops 20% or more and can cause health issues in the home.

What the Heck is in my heat pump?

From the outside, most heat pump indoor units are an off white clean looking machine. When you open up the front and pull out those filters, you will find a mix of dust and debris (skin cells, pet hair, human hair, etc.). However, those filters don’t catch everything, nor are they the only place you have to be concerned about cleaning (more on that in a moment).

Over time a thin layer of dirt will build up under those removable filters. This dirt, which builds up on the coil, reduces airflow. Less airflow means a reduction in the amount of heat or cool that can be extracted which reduces total efficiency.

Studies have shown that as little as 0.25mm of dust and dirt, the equivalent of two pieces of paper, on the coil will cause energy consumption to jump by as much as 20% in heating or cooling mode.

Having the coil professionally cleaned when this build up occurs ensures you maintain top efficiencies from your heat pump.

Molds Perfect Environment = Darkness and Dampness

More dust and mold inside of a heat pump

Dust and dirt on the coil of your machine is one concern, the other can actually be worse for you and your health.

If you run your machine on air conditioning for any length of time, the typically dark interior of your heat pump also becomes damp due to condensation. This dark and damp environment is the perfect setting for mold growth.

You can check your machine for mildew and mold growth by using a flashlight and looking in through the louvers of your machine. If you notice black spots on the fan, louvers or inside back of the machine you’re probably looking at mold.

Mold can cause anything from sniffles and sneezing to mild headaches or even asthma attacks and respiratory disorders.

Mold growth is hidden to the naked eye. Units are most often installed higher on the wall, so it isn’t easy to peek in to see what’s going on inside.

The only way to effectively rid your machine of mold is to have it professionally cleaned with proper coil cleaner and pressure spray. Mold adheres to all of the plastic parts, including the fan, inside your heat pump. So wiping with a rag, paper towel or even a scrub brush is near impossible with such tight to reach spaces inside the machine.

A Heat Pump Deep Clean

A professional cleaning is the answer for ensuring your machine gets and stays clean.

At Breathe Clean we use a 100% biodegradable coil cleaner to loosen and remove dirt, grime, and mold from the internal components of your mini split heat pump.

Then, using a pressure spray to remove the cleaning agent along with all of the dirt and mold from your machine catching it in our proprietary cleaning bag.

A deep cleaning takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. After which we treat your machine with a mold control spray which aids in the control of new old growth between cleanings.

Cleanings of a single machine start at $139.00 + HST. To learn more or to book your cleaning click here or give us a call at (902) 332-3406.

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